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Landscape Gardeners York

Landscape Gardeners York

Landscape gardening can turn your ordinary garden or any disused space in your backyard into a beauty spot where you can watch the sunsets with family and friends. And it doesnít have to break the bank for you to hire a professional garden designer that will work the magic. Professional landscape gardeners are now within the means of the average homeowner.

Landscape Gardeners York Companies

The following landscape gardening companies are based in York and provide full garden design and construction services:
  • Trevor Smith Landscapes Ltd
  • Rachelís Gardens
  • Astek Landscapes
  • JP Services Contractors
  • York Construction Services
Besides these York based landscape gardening companies a number of other companies based in the neighbouring towns and cities of Leeds, Bradford, Ossett, Doncaster, Driffield and Scarborough also serve York and surrounding areas.

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners York

When you decide to have a new garden, or to give the existing one a makeover your first concern will usually be the cost of the project. Most landscape gardening companies will give you a free quote or estimate once they have done the site survey, and an estimate at this stage should enable you to decide on a design plan for a garden that you can afford. The design alone will normally cost you an amount between £60 and £100 and you should have the full colour blueprints in a matter of days.

Depending on the complexity of the design and the features you want the construction stage may take quite a while and cost a lot more. Some coveted features like waterfalls and pergolas and wooden decking cost a lot of money, and how much you finally end up paying will depend on which features are included in the garden design. But for an amount in the range £500 to say £900 or slightly more you can have your very own landscaped garden at home for which you can be proud.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners York

The growing popularity of landscaped gardens means that many companies, big and small, have targeted the industry for a piece of the action, some of them very good at it, others not so good. To find the company that will give you value for your money the best source of information will usually be your friends and relatives or your neighbours who have used the companies for their own gardening needs. For any companies that are recommended to you check out their photo galleries and portfolios for their completed projects. Besides serving as a source for garden design ideas the photo galleries will also tell you a thing or two about the companyís design style and their workmanship.

Your home may be over-developed that you have very little free space left for a state of the art garden but you need not despair. Professional garden designers can usually find space for a garden where you didnít think it existed. Enlist the services of landscape gardeners York and find out your gardening options.

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