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Landscape Gardeners Edinburgh

Landscape Gardeners Edinburgh

Edinburgh is famous the world over for its beautiful and historic parks and gardens. The Royal Botanic Gardens, the Princess Gardens, Holyrood Park, Meadow Park and Pentland Hills Regional Park are just a few examples of the beautiful horticultural wonders you could visit when in Edinburgh. Many people come back inspired from such a visit and have the most wonderful ideas for transforming their own garden. If this has happened to you, a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company may be just what you need.

Landscape Gardeners Edinburgh Companies

There are hundreds of landscape gardeners Edinburgh companies that you could choose from. Some specialise in complete garden transformations and makeovers, others focus more on general garden work such as patios and drive ways, or even maintenance work such as lawn mowing or pruning and weeding. Some of the companies you could choose from are:
  • Planscapes Garden Design, a long established company with many years of experience.
  • Landscape Gardening Edinburgh, a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company that prides itself on its customer satisfaction.
  • Brown Earth Landscape, who have experience in both small gardens and full scale rural designs.
  • Urban Design Futures Ltd, a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company focussing on landscaping, planning and urban design.

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners Edinburgh Companies

The cost of landscape gardeners Edinburgh services will vary greatly depending on the work you require and the size of your garden. If you are looking to fully transform your garden, this could come at quite a high cost. Most landscape gardeners Edinburgh companies would be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation. When you receive your quotation, it is important for you to ascertain that it includes all costs for materials as well as the cost of labour.

For other work, certain jobs like a new patio will come at a fixed cost. Maintenance work would generally be charged at an hourly rate, although it is possible to receive a discount on this rate if you enter a long term agreement or if you use the same company that originally designed your garden.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners Edinburgh

Finding a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company is quite easy to do, as there are so many to choose from. You could also be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that have used landscape gardeners Edinburgh services in the past or know someone that owns a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company. You could choose to follow some trusted recommendations by speaking to friends, members of your family, neighbours or colleagues, to name but a few. Of course, you could also approach the owner of a garden you have long admired and ask which landscape gardeners Edinburgh company they have used.

So, whether you are hoping to transform your yard into a traditional English cottage garden, or whether you are hoping to have a family friendly garden, or even an orchard with secret gardens, you are sure to be able to find a landscape gardeners Edinburgh company that can turn your dreams into reality.

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