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Landscape Gardeners Insurance

Landscape Gardeners Insurance

Landscape gardening is a business like any other and as such any landscape gardener should have insurance against a number of risks that could impact their operation. If you have employees, it is your responsibility to have them covered against work-related risks. Some of the insurance policies you will normally need in order to cover your business are listed below.

Landscape Gardeners Public Liability Insurance

This type of insurance coverage protects the landscape gardeners business against injuries or damage that could be caused to a third party during normal operations. When constructing a garden for example you could cause damage to the client’s water supply when you accidentally rupture a water pipe. It is not always possible to prevent these sorts of accidents and of course, the client should not be expected to repair the damage from their own pocket. Public liability insurance covers you against these sorts of accidents and scenarios.

Landscape Gardeners Employers’ Liability Insurance

This type of insurance covers situations involving your employees, trainees or part-time staff and sub-contractors in cases of work-related accidents. When accidents happen that cause injuries to your employees, you don’t want to suddenly fork out the money to cover their hospital bills without having provisioned.

Landscape Gardeners Products Liability Insurance

Products liability insurance deals with products you supplied or sold in the course of working on a gardening project which cause bodily injury or harm to a third party. Having this insurance can mean the difference between an injured and unhappy client and a positive experience.

Landscape Gardeners Personal Accident Insurance

This type of insurance is intended to cover you or your employees in case an accident happens to you in the course of your work that makes it impossible for you to continue working. A tax free income will then be provided to you by the insurance company under this cover. Any kind of activity has its occupational hazards and landscape gardening is no exception.

Landscape Gardeners Tools, Plant and Equipment Insurance

Whether you have premises for your business or not you need to have this cover against the theft of tools and equipment that could take place on the site or elsewhere. Some of the equipment you use in your landscape gardening is quite expensive and just like you insure your car you should insure your tools and machinery against theft, loss or damage and destruction.

Insurance cover for your landscape gardening business is your safeguard against a number of misfortunes that could possibly impact your business. Many such businesses are small, some family owned, and therefore any loss can have an impact. Landscape gardeners insurance should help you prevent a situation that could potentially cripple the business or cause it to collapse.

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