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Landscape Gardeners FAQs

Landscape Gardeners FAQs

Landscape gardening is a relatively new phenomenon and most of us are only still learning the ins and outs of it. To find out what you need to transform your garden some preliminary research is always helpful and for that you may have questions for the professionals to answer before you take the leap. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding landscape gardening.

The most frequently asked questions:

  • How much do landscapers charge for quotes and estimates?
Most companies do not in fact charge you for quotes and offer a free consultation in order to assess the situation and explain their role. However, when you decide to engage a company they will then charge you for the garden designs and implementation.
  • How can I tell if my landscaper is the real deal and not a creative gardening enthusiast?
Any reputable company will usually have a portfolio that details their work experience and the projects they’ve worked on. You can use these tools to gauge whether or not you are happy to employ them. You need to look at how long they have been in the business, what sort of customers they have served, and if these customers have been satisfied by their services and remained loyal to the company. This can be done through testimonials. Ask them for reference details.
  • Can landscapers work in the winter?
Winter slows everything down to a crawl and if your garden re-modelling or construction has got to be finished in a hurry then you will want to know how the approaching winter season might affect your gardening plans. In most cases, the landscaping process can begin in winter but may take longer than usual. Certain seedlings will need direct sunlight to grow but preparation and design can be done in the winter months.
  • Is it safe to contact landscapers online?
The majority of people these days prefer to communicate through the internet because of the convenience and flexibility that it affords. It is a great place to search for potential landscapers and get an idea of their previous work. Just be careful not to make payments online and request a personal meeting before entering into any formal agreements.
  • Can’t I just landscape my garden myself?
It may seem like an over the top idea to go out and pay a fair amount of money to landscapers. However, a landscaper is far more than a glorified gardener. Landscaping involves elements of design, architecture and eco-analysis and cannot simply be created by anyone who tends to their own flowers. Landscapers are qualified professionals who even go as far as to do mathematical calculations on your garden and know how to create the perfect and sustainable space.

Landscape gardening offers you innumerable options for improving your home. Whether the drive is to improve the marketability of the property, or simply to give it the aesthetic impact to satisfy your outdoors tastes, a well-crafted garden will lend character and ambience to any home and give you that unique “customised” look everybody strives to achieve.

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