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Landscape Gardeners West Midlands

Landscape Gardeners West Midlands

The West Midlands area is served by a huge number of professional garden landscapers. Many of these will handle your gardening needs from designing the garden through to completion of the landscaping project, whether you are constructing from scratch or giving your existing garden a makeover. With landscape gardening your ordinary garden can be turned into a beautiful space that soothes the senses and is decorated with colourful decking, pergolas and gazebos and paved paths and walkways to enrich your overall outdoors experience.

Landscape Gardeners West Midlands Companies

The landscape gardening companies listed here specialise in gardens, from design all the way through to completion. This list is only a representative sample selection from a few cities in the West Midlands area and it is by no means exhaustive.
  • Jill Dempsey Garden Design
  • Andy’s Garden Services
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Wishing Well Gardens
  • Landscapia

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners West Midlands

Landscape gardening begins with a site survey by a professional from the company. Most companies will do the site survey free of charge. But the next stage, the design
stage, involves working your wishes and tastes into their own “prototype” plans, drawing up the final design plans and printing the blueprint, and for this the company will usually charge a fee, something like £70 to £100. Some companies will stop at this design stage and you then have to engage another company to do the construction work, building the decking and other so-called hardscaping activities, planting the greenery and laying out the paving.

This second stage of landscape gardening takes longer and costs a lot more, depending on what features you want included (pergolas, gazebos, decking and walkways, pools, streams or waterfalls, etc). Your budget is the limit, but for an average garden you may end up spending between £500 and £1,000. The company that does the garden design will usually give you the estimates for your garden even before they finish drawing up the garden designs. In fact you should make sure they give you the estimates before you commit yourself. That way you can adjust your plans to suit your budget.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners West Midlands

Given the number of companies that serve this area you best source of information should be your friends, family and neighbours that have used the services of a landscape gardener before. Seek their recommendations regarding the most pocket-friendly prices and the competence of the companies. If it is possible look at the company’s portfolio and picture gallery for their completed projects and judge from that as well. A well-designed and well-crafted garden should look good even in a photograph.

Affordable landscape gardening options are now within the means of the average homeowner. So why not give your home garden a makeover? Or you could have it completely redesigned by reputable landscape gardeners West Midlands into a new outdoors space that has ambience and character. Not only will it make for a fantastic environment it may also drastically increase your house price as well.

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