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Landscape Gardeners Wigan

Landscape Gardeners Wigan

Landscape gardeners apply the tried-and-tested principles of landscaping science to your garden, and the result is always a beautiful garden that is the pride of your home. The services of a professional garden designer are well within the means of the average homeowner these days and any garden, big or small, can be designed to look attractive.

Landscape Gardeners Wigan Companies

The companies listed here are local companies from Wigan that will give you the full service, that is, garden design and construction or makeover.
  • Angie Barker’s Garden Design for All Seasons
  • The Urban Jungle Landscape Consultancy Ltd
  • Dream Gardens
  • J.G.W Landscape Gardeners
  • Wayne Landscapes
Many other companies operating out of neighbouring towns and cities also serve Wigan: companies from Bolton, Bury, Chorley, Preston, Leyland, Manchester and Warrington, etc.

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners Wigan

Many landscape gardening services will usually give you an estimate or quote free of charge at the initial stages, which is a good thing because you can then adjust your garden design plans according to how much you have to spend. For designing and drawing up the garden plans the company will usually charge you a fee, something like £70 to £100.

Once you have the colour blueprint for your garden then several options are open to you. You could do the work yourself in case the garden is fairly small and you have some basic skills. But the majority of homeowners will choose to retain the landscape gardening company that drew up the garden plans to do the work, or engage another specialised service to finish the job. How much you end up paying will depend on the size of garden you have, what features you want in it and the company you use.

Some features like pergolas and waterfalls do not come cheap, whatever the materials used to build them, and your budget is the only limiting factor. But for the average garden with standard features and a minimum of “hardscapes” you can expect to part with £500 to £1,000 plus.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners Wigan

You will naturally want to engage a competent professional service. There are many companies doing landscape gardening now that it has become very popular. To find the best company for the job your best source of information will usually be friends and family, or neighbours who have used the service. These will give you suggestions and recommendations regarding the various companies. For the local companies it should be easy to look at their photo galleries detailing their completed projects. Besides giving you ideas for your own garden design those galleries can tell you a lot about the company’s design style and craftsmanship as well as their competence for the job.

You can get an attractive garden for your home. Find out what it will cost you by consulting landscape gardeners Wigan and then plan the garden of your dreams. Big or small any garden can become a work of art.

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