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Landscape gardening

Landscape gardening

Landscape gardening requires great deal of planning and creativity. If you are interested in landscape gardening, you must have the passion to learn new things and ideas to be able to produce a good design. The first thing you need to do is to try to imagine or create a picture of your landscape design in your mind.
Then, sketch what you envision and add more designs for your pleasure. Keep on improving your design until you are satisfied. When you are done, you are now ready to do your landscape gardening.

If you are not artistic enough and cannot think of creative ideas for landscape gardening, stand in front of your garden and lay out heavy ropes or your garden hoses to have an idea on how to divide and maximize the space. It is important to think about the balance and not the symmetry. Most people always think that planting flowers and trees in a straight row is a good idea but it is much better to select an odd number when planting flowers and trees. Plant various same flowers in a group to create a large patch of colors in your garden. It is better to have few bold colors of flowers in the garden than to have flowers in different colors spread in the large area.

If you are having difficulty in choosing the place to be the focal point in your garden, try closing your eyes and imagine your favorite spot in your garden. If your yard has a beautiful pine tree, a collection of birch trees, an antique-looking fence or a rocky ledge, you can make use of them. As long as it looks unique and interesting, it will be a good focal point. You can look at different magazines for additional ideas for your landscape gardening. Never copy any design from the garden of your neighbor.

If your yard does not have anything interesting to serve as the focal point, you can create a waterfall. It is better than a pond because ponds are more difficult to maintain. Get some interesting rocks with different shapes, sizes and colors then arrange them in a cascading way. Then, add some plants and then put water. Waterfall can make your garden more interesting and at the same time, it creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden.

If you decide on making a group of trees to be the focal point in your garden, it is better to place them at the corner and not at the center. Never select a large tree and make sure that the trees are in good shape and have different characteristics such as unique shape of barks, leaves or flowers. Mountain ash is a good option for trees to put in a garden because it has bright berries. Sugar maple is also a good choice with its vivid leaves.

Remember to choose plants and trees that can survive in your local climate. You can be tempted in choose exotic flowers, plants or trees for their attractive features but you will be disappointed because they will die eventually. Beautiful trees and plants can be good investments so you must choose intelligently.

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