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Landscape Gardeners

Landscape Gardeners

Landscape gardening involves applying the tried and tested principles of landscaping science to your home garden. Whether you plant flowering plants or vegetables, your garden can be designed to please the eye any time of the year through careful layout and the addition of features that decorate and add definition and dimension to the garden. Modern landscape gardeners have to be trained in the science and art of creating beauty using only the natural vegetation and any man-made features (for example lighting) that set off the aesthetic effect.

What Landscape Gardeners Do

Landscape gardening is normally done in stages, one thing at a time, as listed below:
  • Garden design: This stage involves drawing up the design plans for your garden. The designer will usually have a concept for your garden based on what they find during the initial site survey. But they will normally want to listen to your wishes and make a garden design that matches your tastes. When the concept is agreed upon the next thing is to prepare the drawings and the artistic impressions, manually or using a computer program. The full colour blueprint is then made and the specifications and quotations made. The garden design normally costs around 100 or more depending on the size of your garden and the complexity of the design. Some landscape gardeners specialise in garden design only, leaving the construction work to other specialists.

  • Materials Selection: Depending on the garden design the materials and plants to be used have to be carefully selected and ordered. Some plants may be attractive to you but they may not grow well in your soils. The landscape gardener will usually select the plants after analysing your soil types and the specifications may then include some sort of top soil improvement supplies.

  • Planting and construction: With everything ordered and on site the next thing is to plant the greenery and build the man-made features the decking, pergolas and gazebos or trellises, the paving, driveways and walkways, pools and waterfalls, and the pebble spaces. This stage can take some time especially for a big garden. The cost of constructing a landscape garden normally depends on what features you choose to include in the garden design. Some features like waterfalls can be quite costly and your budget is usually the only limiting factor.

Other Functions of Landscape Gardeners

Some of the other things landscape gardeners do include consultancy and maintenance. For big gardening projects like theme parks maintenance is probably more costly than design and construction. Even for large domestic gardens you may not be able to maintain the garden yourself, plus, the greenery and the features may degrade with time and need a makeover.

Landscape gardening is a trend that will only grow with time as more and more homeowners find the need to enlist the services of landscape gardeners. Many have embraced the profession and now their services are affordable. If you did not already employ landscape gardeners, you probably will sometime soon.

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