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Landscape Gardeners Essex

Landscape Gardeners Essex

Essex is a very large part of the United Kingdom, covering over 1,500 square miles. Hence, it should come as no surprise that there are many gardens and parks that you can visit that are true areas of outstanding natural beauty. Some examples are the Beth Chatto Gardens, which are ecological gardens; or Hyde Hall gardens, where you can visit the Farmhouse Gardens; or the Gardens of Easton Lodge, designed by Harold Anisworth Peto, who was a world famous architect and garden designer. When you visit some of the beautiful gardens in Essex, you might look around trying to find ideas and inspiration to redesign your own garden. If this is something that you are thinking of doing, a landscape gardeners Essex company could help you in turning those ideas into reality.

Landscape Gardeners Essex Companies

There are quite literally hundreds of landscape gardeners Essex companies that operate across Essex. Some of these companies specialise in specific garden design, such as eco friendly gardens, others will offer a host of landscape gardening services, such as garden maintenance, fence building or patios. Some of the companies you could consider are:
  • HTMG Garden Designs
  • Essex Garden Design
  • New Eden
  • B Farndon and Sons

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners Essex Companies

The cost of landscape gardeners Essex services will vary greatly depending on the type of work you require. If you are looking to have a complete garden makeover, prices generally start around 900 but can reach well into the thousands, depending on the exact nature of the work and the size of your garden. Most landscape gardeners Essex companies would be very happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation that should include the price of both materials and labour. Specific jobs such as new patio or driveway will generally come at a fixed price.

Maintenance work such as pruning, weeding and lawn mowing will usually be charged at an hourly rate of around 12 per hour. However, you may be able to receive a discount on this if you intend to have more long term arrangements or if you use the same company that originally designed your garden.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners Essex

It should not be overly difficult to find a landscape gardeners Essex company, as there are so many to choose from. You could contact some of the companies listed above, or you could scope some trusted recommendations by speaking to colleagues, neighbours, members of your family or friends. You could be pleasantly surprised at the amount of people that have either used a landscape gardeners Essex service in the past or know of someone who owns a landscape gardeners Essex company.

So, whether you are looking to create a calm and peaceful Japanese Zen garden, with koi carp ponds, bamboo and a meditation area, or whether you want to transform your yard into a cottage garden, you are sure to find a landscape gardeners Essex company that can turn all these dreams into reality for you.

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