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Landscape Gardeners Cardiff

Landscape Gardeners Cardiff

Cardiff is known for its beautiful gardens. Dyffryn Gardens, for example, is a series of gardens comparable to outdoor rooms. There is also a croquet lawn and sweeping surrounding lawns, as well as a wild garden and an arboretum. As you walk through the garden rooms, each individually enclosed by hedges made from yew, it is hard to not feel completely inspired by all the natural beauty around you. Many people come away from Dyffryn Gardens wanting to turn their own garden into something similar to one of the garden rooms. If you feel the same, a landscape gardeners Cardiff company is exactly what you need.

Landscape Gardeners Cardiff Companies

There are many landscape gardeners Cardiff companies for you to choose from. Most are able to deal with the full process of landscaping, from consultation and design to the actual work, to maintaining the garden afterwards. Some of the companies you could think of are:
  • B&G Landscapes, specialising in lawning and turfing, fencing, driveways, gates and much, much more.
  • Garden Builders Wales, a landscape gardeners Cardiff company who focus on garden design and garden building.
  • MB Turf and Landscape Services, focussing on garden terraces, artificial lawns and any other type of landscaping.

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners Cardiff Companies

The cost of landscape gardeners Cardiff services will vary depending on your requirements. If you only need a company to mow your lawn on a weekly basis, for example, you are likely to only pay an hourly rate. This rate can vary depending on whether or not you are able to provide the lawn mower.

Should you wish to have your complete garden redesigned and transformed, you should be able to obtain some free, no obligation quotations. Make sure that all costs are included in the quotation, including materials and labours, as well as plants of course. Generally, prices start from around 700, but can range to anything up to several thousand pounds.

Often, if you use a landscape gardeners Cardiff company to design and transform your garden and continue to use the same company for maintenance, you will be able to receive a discounted hourly rate.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners Cardiff

It is relatively easy to find a landscape gardeners Cardiff company, as there are many to choose from. You may wish to contact some of the companies mentioned in this article. However, following a trusted recommendation could also be a very good idea, saving you the time of having to compare many different companies. Why not speak to some members of your family or to some friends, neighbours or colleagues for example. They may have used a landscape gardeners Cardiff service in the past, or they may know of someone who owns a landscape gardeners Cardiff company.

So, if you are looking to transform your garden into an oasis of calm, peace and tranquillity, you are sure to be able to find a landscape gardeners Cardiff company that meets all your design needs and requirements as well as your budget constraints.

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