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Gardening has long been a popular hobby and it has only gotten more popular with time. If you are considering giving this pastime a try, there are some things you should know.

If you are just starting out, there are a few decisions you have to make. First of all, you must choose where you will set up your garden. For those without a yard with ample space, you can opt to use container pots to hold your plants. Beginners to gardening should consider using a small patch of land first and then expanding it once they have gotten the hang of it.

Next, you must decide what you want to plant, whether it will be flowers, vegetables, herbs or something else. You can start either with seeds or with seedlings but the latter is more recommended for novice gardeners. Some plants only bloom in a specific environment so it is best to research first about the kind of plants that will grow best in your garden. You can also ask advice from employees at your local garden centre or from any of your neighbours who also have a garden. Having a specific design and plant arrangement in mind when you start gardening will help you create a neat, orderly garden that is also visually pleasing. The soil you will use is a big factor in the success of your garden. Certain plants require the soil to be in a particular pH range, usually in the neutral range, to be able to get the maximum amount of nutrients. For best results, you may need to add compost and/or gravel and sand to adjust the soilís texture and keep the soil fertile. You will also have to remove weeds and grass from the area before you can begin planting.

Sunlight is another important requirement for plants to grow. Make sure that your plants get enough sunlight in the spot you have chosen. If this is not possible, consider transferring them to another location.

As for watering your plants, you have several options available. The cheapest option would be to water the plants manually using a hose or a watering can but this can be time-consuming, especially if you live in a dry, humid area. You can also make use of an automatic sprinkler system or a drip irrigation system but the latter can be quite expensive.

You will also need some gardening tools to start and maintain your garden. Shovels and trowels make digging soil much easier, especially if you have the right kind on hand. The blades of these tools can come in different styles and the right one to use depends on the kind of soil you have and the type of job you need done. Once your plants have grown, it may be necessary to use pruners to groom and shape your plants.

Pests are a common problem encountered while gardening. To combat an infestation, you can make use of a pest control product. A lot of gardeners prefer the organic kind, particularly if they are growing vegetables because this allows their plants to remain safe to eat.

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