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Landscape Gardeners North London

Landscape Gardeners North London

Manís love affair with landscape gardening is as old as its love of all things pretty and colourful. According to archaeologists there are signs that people used to plant and use flowers as ornaments and decorations as far back as the Stone Age. Landscape gardening appeals to our base instincts; we appreciate beauty and like to fill our surroundings with smells, colours, vibrancy and beauty. Nowhere is this instinct to collect or at least an attempt to collect beauty around us more visible then in North London. The River Thames divides the great city of London into two parts North London and South London. As is obvious from name North London is situated on the northern bank and South London lies on the southern bank. North London is the original city of London and the home of Buckingham palace. It has a long and illustrious history of landscape gardening.

Landscape Gardeners North London Companies

There are several companies in the area of North London who specialise in landscaping and designing all kinds and sizes of gardens, from a small backyard to a formal lawn or park. Here is a list of landscape gardening companies in North London:
  • Serviceteam Landscape Gardening Services
  • Soil and Toil Gardening Services
  • Polish Landscape Gardening
  • London Town Gardens

Estimated Costs of Landscape Gardeners North London

Landscape gardening companies are made up of specialists who provide all kinds of services from small one man jobs to ones requiring a crew of several people who provide a variety of jobs. They do everything from designing to installation and application. The cost of each of these processes is different and requires different people. Usually when you ask for a quote to have your garden redesigned or constructed from scratch you get a package deal. On the other hand if you want to modify or have your place maintained, then these companies charge per person sent to do the job.

For instance, if you need to hire a landscape gardener it is going to cost you around £200 to £250 per day. If you want your decking or fencing repaired it is also going to cost you in vicinity of £200 to £250. Design is usually included in the package deal if you are taking one. If you want to have your garden cleaned you can hire a person from these companies for £200 per day, £120 for half a day or even £40 per hour, depending upon the length of time required to finish the job.

How to Find Landscape Gardeners North London

The best way of finding a suitable landscape gardener for your project is to make up your mind as to what you want your garden to look like. Once you have decided what you want, go out and window shop, try and locate the same garden design that you have in mind or something as close to it as possible. Then ask around to find out who did the projects you like and how good they were. If you are satisfied, hire them to do your job.

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