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Water features

Water features

Water features add a lot of beauty in your garden so you must make sure that you choose the right one that will also fit the style of the landscaping. When you have the wrong water feature your garden might end up not looking right.
The best thing to do is to mix and match different styles like for instance in a contemporary garden you can use a whisky barrel as a water feature. A minimalist design can sometimes give the best view.

When you want a contemporary garden, you must be look at all the details. For the reason that you are only going to use a few things to put in your garden and you must make sure that you put it in the right place. Like for example a plant, a plant must be carefully placed in a spot where it will stand out and will not look out of place. The lighting and the use of space is also important when putting up a contemporary garden. Colors are not a big issue though usually the colors used are earth-toned colors such as brown, beige and the like. The colors black and white are the most common colors used which really gives off that sophistication you are looking for. Simple colors can really make a space look very elegant and pleasing to the eyes. The most suitable water features you can use are stainless steel water walls which is very common for contemporary gardens. Also canals and rills are used as water features for this kind of garden.

For cottage gardens it is characterized by the planting a lot of different flowers. The flowers are carefully laid out to create a beautiful masterpiece. This kind of garden is not complete with any water features included in it. The perfect match for cottage gardens are bird baths, fountains, pond or wishing wells. These water features will also go well with formal gardens. This kind of garden uses flowers which are laid out to follow a geometric design.

For Japanese gardens, large containers, fish ponds are used as the best water features. Also sand and stones are matched to give the natural feeling. This kind of garden is a great way to relax and meditate.

When installing or adding water features, you must also consider the lighting. The lighting is important because it adds life to the space where the water features are installed. The lighting will make the surrounding so beautiful especially during the night. It is used to bring dramatic effects especially to a contemporary garden. When the light hits the moving water the effect is very spectacular. Though, you should not overdo it when you are installing lights. You might not have the look and feel you are aiming for. Actually a lot of people think that the more lights they place the better it would be but the truth is less is more. But be sure that the lights are installed by an expert technician because you do not want to screw the wires.

These are just few of the things you can use as your water feature. A proper combination of the different water features will surely create a wonderful space..

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